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Amended Draft approved by the Board Of Directors National Chapter. These Bylaws can be changed after a determination vote by the Board Of Directors National Chapter ONLY! (Jan. 21st 20)

Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Bylaws

















     This organization shall be known as the "Brotherhood Of Old Bikers." This may be abbreviated as "the Brotherhood or BOOBs".  In the case of reference to the original designation it may be extended to "The Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan? with no reference to MC. (Amended on 11/21/2008)




    The purpose of the BOOBs is to Have Fun!!! In and about this task we intend to promote goodwill between the biker subculture and our community at large.  Among other things we intend to educate and enlighten all to the needs of non-profit organizations such as the American Diabetes Association. It is our hope to through skill and educated motorcycling, to broaden motorcycle awareness, serve as an advocate for motorcyclists on issues related to Biker rights, community issues, and share camaraderie with other motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the biker community. Promote advocacy and education concerning our rights as US citizens, and as bikers. 



Section 3.1

     Criteria: Membership is open to ALL (MUST BE AT LEAST 40 YRS OF AGE,18 yrs.of age for 2nd generation) who are dedicated to the Old School ways and attitude toward motorcycles and or motorcycling.  Prospective members may choose between becoming full members, lifetime full member (they must wear the club colors) support members (wearing the small patch in appropriate, location) or associate members.      Motorcycle ownership is helpful but not required. We offer unique memberships in as much as we encourage non-riding disabled bikers that cannot ride due to accidents etc? This encourages brotherhood and camaraderie.

The memberships are as follows:

1. Lifetime Full Patch Member $200.00 for new members(Jan. 21st 20)  

2. Full Patch Member $100.00 plus $25.00 yearly renewal Fee (Jan. 21st 20)-Representation of club by wearing full back patch and recommended participation in club events and meetings.  (Must be Full members or Lifetime Disabled members in good standing to be elected as an officer.)

 3. Full Patch Member Lifetime Disabled $100.00 (Jan. 21st 20)-Representation of club by wearing full back patch and recommended participation in club events and meetings.

  4. Support Member $30.00 (Jan. 21st 20)-Representation of club by wearing small patch and recommended participation in club events and meetings

  5. Associate Member-Representation of club through advocacy and goodwill.

Section 3.2

Membership Selection: Membership is open to those who:

(a) Meet the membership criteria.

(b) Agree with the club purpose and club bylaws.

(c) Be in good standing in terms of conduct. 

(d) Pay dues and agree to abide by club bylaws.

(e) Express true desire to be a participating member of BOOBs.


Section 3.3

Rights: Each member shall have voting rights and full privileges.

Section 3.4

Any member may be removed for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at a business meeting following a discussion of the cause. This removal must be precipitated by conduct unbecoming a member of the BOOBs and an obvious violation of the club bylaws.  The vote must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time and location of both the cause and meeting. Removed members are not entitled to a donation refund.



Section 4.1

Cost: Annual renewal cost: $25.00.  These renewal Donations are to be paid no later than 30days after the due date, Dec. 1st yearly. Chapters have the option of charging monthly donations for chapter membership.

Section 4.2

Term length of membership is as follows:

These renewal donations  are to be paid no later than 30days after the Due Date, December 1st yearly and each year thereafter unless that member is a Disabled Lifetime Member or Lifetime Member.(Jan. 21st 20) Failure to pay these donations will cause Member  to lose good standing unless other arrangements have been previously made.  If for any reason a member falls from good standing, they will have their membership temporarily suspended.  However, a member can always return to good standing simply by paying donations within 30 days of temporary suspension (60days).  Failure to pay donations within this time frame will be cause to have membership revoked. Former members must re-apply as if they were new members. Existing Full Patch members who want to upgrade to Lifetime membership there is a $100.00 Donation. (Jan. 21st 20)

Section 4.3

     Membership donations shall neither be pro-rated or refunded unless approved by unanimous vote100% with the approval of the National presiding officers.

Section 4.4

In the event of dissolution of satellite chapters of the BOOBs, all funds in the treasury shall be used to pay any existing bills etc? before dispersion to appropriate Non-Profit organizations as designated by the National Headquarters donated as selected by the Original Founder Members and a majority representation vote of those members.



Section 5.1

    At least one business meeting will be held each month.      Additional business meetings may be called by the President or by a majority request of the Execute Board (Chapter Officers) to accommodate specific club circumstances.

Section 5.2

Social and general membership meetings will be held once a month for the purpose of fraternization and to promote the club interest.  The day, time, and location for these meetings will be determined by the presiding officers of each satellite chapter. 

Section 5.3

Exact dates, times and meeting places will be announced to the general membership and may be listed on the website of the individual chapters.

Section 5.4

Meetings of the Executive Board (Chapter Officers) shall be called at the discretion of the President. All club officers shall be given timely notice of such meetings.

Section 5.5

Any three members of the Board can require the President to specify a quorum for decisions in a timely manner.



Section 6.1

The BOOBs shall be administered by the following officers who shall collectively function as the Executive Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms. As necessity arises, a Road Captain shall be appointed.  Subsequent appointments of Road Captains will be determined by the size of pack or event. These are temporary appointments for the ride or event only. The appointments will be determined by the presiding officers. As the relative size of each new chapter unfolds, the position of Photographer and Webmaster should be added to accommodate the needs of these positions.

(Amended  1/14/08)

Section 6.2

Event Officers can be non-Executive Board officers with the exception of the Sergeant at Arm who is responsible for enforcing Rules of Conduct as set forth in the club bylaws. There are three types of Event Officers:

(a) Road Captain: organizes and leads the club during a riding event.

(b) Event Coordinator: organizes and leads an event not centered on riding.

(c) Sergeant at Arms:  coordinates with both the Road Captain and Event Coordinator to facilitate security and necessary traffic direction.


Section 6.3 Qualifications:

(a) All officers must be members as described in Article 3 referring to Full Members or Lifetime Disabled Members in good standing, have a motorcycle License and must be a member of the Chapter for 12 months or more (Jan. 21st 20), in section 3.1 of these Bylaws.

(b) Executive Board members (Chapter Officers), should be licensed motorcycle owners and operators.

(c) Road Captains must have taken part in a group riding program that covers the planning, procedures, signals and other relevant factors for a group riding activity.  All Road Captains must be licensed motorcycle owners and operators.

(d) Event Coordinators must be capable of seeing the given event through completion and should be licensed motorcycle owners and operators.


Section 6.3

Officers shall be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred during the administration of club business by submitting a request with receipts at a business meeting. Approval is by a majority vote of members present. These expenses are to be listed separately on an end-of-semester report by the Treasurer.



Section 7.1

Duties of the President:

(a) Preside over club meetings, functions and activities not being led by an Event Officer. In the event that there is a discrepancy, whatever is best for the BOOBs will prevail.

(b) See to the enforcement of the objectives and purpose of this organization.

(c) Coordinate, direct, and manage the business functions and activities of the club as required to ensure continuity and success of the club and the club objectives.

(d) The President shall inform the Vice President when the President is unable to preside over any club meeting, function or activity.


Section 7.2

Duties of the Vice President: 

(a) To perform the duties of the President in case of absence or inability of the latter.

(b) Serve as the Activities Coordinator in scheduling, planning, and ensuring proper arrangements are made for all club-sponsored activities and events.

(c) As necessary performs other duties which may be assigned by the President.


Section 7.3

Duties of the Treasurer:

(a) Maintain an up-to-date membership list available upon request by any member of the Executive Board.

(b) Coordinate reimbursement expenditures through the Executive Board .

(c) Receive, record, and report all monies or property donated to, paid to, or owned by the Clan..

(d) Keep an account of all receipts and disbursements so that a statement of the financial condition of the club is available upon request by the officers or general membership.

(e) Prepare an end-of-year and quarterly report for the Board of Directors to be shared at the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting.


Section 7.4

Duties of the Secretary:

 a) Keep up to date notes for all meetings. Generate newsletter and keep Webmaster informed of necessary updates for the website.  Generate all correspondence for business and membership.


Section 7.5

Duties of the Webmaster:

(a) Maintain club website in coordination with the National Chapter and President. (Jan. 21st 20)

(b) Collect new material and information as needed to keep the website current.



Section 8.1

Nominations and applications for Executive Officers shall be made at the first business meeting one month ahead of election.  Nominations and applications may also be made by contacting the club Treasurer in writing.

Section 8.2

All officers must be members in good standing.

Section 8.3

Candidates for the Executive Board (Chapter Officers) (Jan. 21st 20) positions must be current members. Those receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected for that Term and hold office until the election of a replacement or incumbent. Terms will be for one year only. If at time of Nominations no one wants to run for any given officer position the incumbent Officer will maintain that position for another year. (Jan. 21st 20).

Section 8.4

Vacancies in any office shall be filled by a club member in good standing appointed by a consensus of the Executive Board (Chapter Officers) (Jan. 21st 20), and shall serve until the next regular election of officers.

Section 8.5

Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present at a business meeting following a discussion of the cause. The vote must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time and location of both the cause and meeting.



Section 9.1

Appointments and Committees are positions in the club that are of a voluntary nature.

Section 9.2

These positions are appointed by the Executive Board (Chapter Officers) (Jan. 21st 20) and may change at the discretion of the appointee or the Board.



Section 10.1

Notification of proposed changes to the Bylaws of the club will be made through the email at least two weeks prior to a meeting at which changes in the Bylaws are to be considered.

Section 10.2

Bylaws may be changed by a simple majority vote of the Board Of Directors (Jan. 21st 20) (in the NATIONAL CHAPTER ONLY)(Jan. 21st 20) present at a regularly scheduled club business meeting and of members absent from the meeting who wish to vote by email to the President. All e-mail absentee ballots must be received no less than one (1) day before the meeting in which the proposed Bylaw change is to be voted on by the membership. The President shall include e-mail ballots after tallying the votes of those present and summarize the results for the record at the same meeting.

Section 10.3

Bylaw changes will take effect upon determination of the final result of the vote.

Section 10.4

Amendments or changes to the bylaws shall note the date of change after the respective bylaw, e.g. "[1 Dec 07]".


Section 11.1

Any member of the club may be dismissed from a club meeting or club activity as a result of inappropriate behavior. The member shall be warned concerning such inappropriate conduct by an Officer, Executive Board member or Event Coordinator. The following shall be the basis for, but not limited to, inappropriate behavior and disciplinary measures:

(a) Wild, unsafe riding habits, especially any activity which jeopardizes the safety of other people.

(b) Obnoxious behavior that is detrimental to the image of the club.

(c) Consumption of alcohol or any other potentially impairing substance by a vehicle operator prior to or during any riding event.


Section 11.2

Ratification of Executive Board recommendations for disciplinary action will be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the club members in attendance at a regularly scheduled business meeting.

Section 11.3

All members and guests participating in any riding activity:

(a) Shall wear a helmet compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218), commonly known as the DOT helmet standard.  If indeed and in fact the state in which your satellite chapter resides has no helmet law, the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers does not require its members to wear one.  (Amended 1/14/08)

(b) Shall wear eye protection such as goggles or a face shield that meets the shatter or impact standards in your state according to the Department of Transportation..

(c) Are recommended to also wear long pants, over-the-ankle footwear, long-sleeved shirt or jacket and full-fingered gloves.

(d) Shall be licensed, tagged/registered and insured for the vehicle that they are operating.

(e) Shall keep their motorcycle in proper operating condition including but not limited to vehicle equipment and operation requirements set forth in the Statutes, in the state in which your chapter is located.

(f) Proof of license, registration, insurance can requested and an inspection of condition and or equipment to be done by any club officer or road captain who may deny participation for failure to meet these standards in the interest of group's safety (6.2, 11.1).



Section 12.1

Non-member motorcycle owners are welcome at general meetings, rides, and social gatherings of the club so long as they are invited guests and accompanied by a ?regular? member.  Each regular member may invite one (1) non-member guest to a club event.

Section 12.2

Guests must agree to abide by the club rules and standards of conduct. Sponsors are held responsible for the conduct of their guest.



 Section 13.1

In accordance with these Bylaws the National Chapter (Jan. 21st 20) ONLY shall be responsible for the following:

(a)    Post the Bylaws for public view on the Brotherhood Website.

(b)   Approve and authorize the formation of new Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Chapters.   New potential Chapters must complete an application process. There must be at least 5 members representing the proposed elected officers.  These officers must have been elected in accordance with the Bylaws set forth by the Brotherhood. There is no application Donation, however, there is a $100.00 Chapter Donation which will be due on Jan. 3, yearly. (Jan.21st 20)  In this case, the Donation will be applicable at the time of ratification by National (Jan. 21st 20)  Each new chapter is responsible for its own bills and cost of operation.  Refer to Section 4.4 for dissolution of satellite chapters. All information must be included and correct.  Applications can be received by request. These can be received by email or by USPS. In either case, a completed hard copy with all pertinent signatures must be sent back to the National Chapter. (Amended 1/14/08)

(c)    Make official announcements concerning new Chapters to ALL other BOOBs Chapters.

(d)   Procure and distribute ALL clothing items that display our logo, or the name of our organization when fashioned in such a way as to resemble the Brotherhood Colors, to ALL Chapters and Nomad Members.

(e)    Procure and distribute ALL patches bearing the BOOBs  Colors to ALL Chapters and Nomad Members. As to the wearing of the Colors, they shall be worn to all BOOBs functions.   Never shall they be worn IN a vehicle. If BOOBs business is involved and motorcycles cannot be ridden, Colors will be removed before transport, and put back on before business is conducted. (Amended1/29/08)

(f)     Provide certificates of Acceptance recognizing each new Brotherhood Chapter.

(g)    Revoke or suspend ANY BOOBs Chapter that does not maintain the integrity of the Bylaws.

(h)    Maintain a roster of all chapters Officers, Board of Directors, and BOOBs members. 

(i)      Maintain a National Chapter Website that will provide information concerning club news, updates, membership, History, memorials, and links etc? for the entire BOOBs Motorcycle Clan (Jan. 21st 20) organization.

(j)   Wherever there is a Chapter there can be NO Nomads within a 30 mile radius of the established chapter.. (Jan.21 20)

Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Bylaws. First approved in December 2007.

Copyright Brotherhood Of Old Bikers

December 2007